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Member Spotlight

AO1 Member: Emily

Emily is a busy mom who lives in a rural area with no access to a gym.  She joined AO1 and has consistently followed her customized workout program from her home with the help of her online coach.  Every month she has experienced wins.

Most recently she got her first pullup and double unders! 
We are so proud of Emily!

AO1 Member: Colleen

“I struggle to find the words to describe how much joining the online AO1 community has meant to me. Everyone is so supportive and encouraging.

The AO1 mindset has carried over to other areas of my life as well. I honestly think I’ve been a better mom the last couple months. I’ve got new found levels of patience and energy (despite having a toddler that wakes up almost every night). I think I’ve been a better spouse.

I would strongly recommend AO1 to anyone. The way I see it, there are very few better investments you can make in yourself. I started with AO1 to get fitter, but it’s had a much more diverse, positive impacts, on the different facets of my life. Bonus, I ended up getting fit again too!”

AO1 Member: Anne

This is Anne, grandma, mom, and dog-trainer.

Anne shows up for her online small group workouts consistently.
She tries every new movement with a champion’s attitude.
Her hard work is paying off. She is stronger, more enduring, and more agile every day.
Way to go Anne!
Member Spotlight

AO1 Member: Rachelle

“I wanted to get back into exercising regularly but I needed accountability and outside motivation. I like that the workouts are effective (I’m much stronger than I was) and efficient (my time is well-spent!). I feel like an athlete again.

I don’t get overwhelmed in my workouts anymore. I break it down and focus on the present round, rep, and movement. I also give my 100% effort in the last minute of every workout. This makes me feel capable the rest of the day!”

AO1 Member: Fran

“There have definitely been positive changes! My upper body strength has improved and I feel more confident in my own skin knowing I’m taking care of myself. Being accountable to showing up for the workouts and challenging myself is also a win. 

 The workouts are fun, not too long, always different, and a good challenge. I like how they incorporate the whole body into a few targeted moves each session.
I feel stronger and healthy, and with the endorphins from working out I feel better able to cope with life during COVID!”

AO1 Member: Mike

“I have been a member of A01 Fitness for a few months now and my only regret is that I didn’t start earlier. Coach Stefanie has taken the time to understand my goals and me as a person. Everybody is different and the customized programs she develops for me clearly reflects her understanding of my mindset, physical characteristics, objectives and other factors. These well developed programs have allowed me to achieve some goals earlier than I could have imagined and have prepared me well for the next challenge. I highly recommend A01 fitness to anyone who is looking for a customized training program.”