Virtual Video Coaching Guide

One of the benefits of being an AO1 member is participating in live video workouts, and in order to get the best feedback from your coaches, they need to be able to see you clearly. This short guide will help you get rolling. The good news is that most people already have a camera that works perfectly for this, be it a smartphone, tablet, or webcam. Below are a few tips to help you get set up with no/minimal expense, from easiest to most involved.

Choose Your Space Wisely

Most small cameras like phones and webcams need to be about 8-10 feet away from you to capture your full body height with arms extended. If you are on a phone or tablet and don’t have much room, try orienting your device vertically to gain some height. You can use your selfie cam on mobile devices to help you out here.

Clean Your Lens

This goes for ANY camera, but the kind on your phone can get really grubby. The result is a smeared image with weird reflections, so grab your nearest dry microfiber cloth and give it a quick polish. If you are using something other than a mobile device camera, follow the manufacturer’s recommendations for cleaning.

Let There Be Light!

Small cameras especially need a lot of light to give a clear image. Daylight is best, but if you don’t have any due to location or time of day, try and keep it as neutral and bright as possible. Make sure your camera can’t “see” the light source, if possible.

Elevate the Camera

Most cameras present a strange picture when they are at extreme angles (like down on the floor aiming up at you), so try and place the camera such that it is aiming parallel to the floor, roughly pointed at your torso. You can set it on a piece of furniture and use a few books to prop it up.

Consider A Tripod

These make life so much easier, and don’t have to cost much at all. For $20-30, you can get a full size tripod with a phone attachment. A short one that you can set on furniture costs even less.

Natural Lighting

Don’t forget about heading outside. It’s not always an option due to the time of day or weather, but getting outside to work out is a solid option because of ample light, tons of space, and fresh air. If you have a good data plan, you can even check in for a workout away from home. Coach Stefanie actually COACHED a class while on a camping trip! Be conscious of where your camera is pointing, and respect the privacy of others.
If you are indoors, you can face a window for some natural light as well.