who take care of everyone else,
take care of yourself
through personalized


Train with us for fitness programs that are efficient, effective & accessible to everyone regardless of schedule, location, finances, abilities, and equipment. 


 Having an “Audience of One” focus shifts our eyes and fears away from external pressure but illuminates the reason we live, fight and train hard to achieve the destiny within us.


We are stronger united as a team. We learn and grow together, as well as keep each other on the course. We are a tribe who values authenticity, honesty and encouragement.

We strengthen our mindset through fitness training, so you become strong for LIFE.

You truly are more capable than you think!

A few things we’re great at

With millions of health and exercise options out there including gyms, specialized clubs, online trainers and other apps, why did we see a need to create Audience of One Fitness & Mindset Training?


To truly have the strength to overcome daily challenges in life, you need to train. Challenging but controlled workouts will empower you and prove to yourself that you are a champion who can take on anything in life. . . in and outside of the gym.



Who or What is your WHY? Until we know our true identity and the purpose to which we live, things like exercise seem meaningless. Let’s journey together to dream, discover and plan a lifestyle that will empower you to live to your full potential.



As parents of young families, we know that time and finances can be limited! AO1 Fitness is committed to showing you how investing in your health can fit into a busy lifestyle, is affordable and will ultimately reap greater benefits.



We all want to see results! AO1 regularly implements progress assessments and trackers into both your fitness and mindset programs so you see the results of your hard work. There’s no ‘end goal’ because your dreams will become bigger and you will continue to excel greater. Let’s do this!


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Prove to yourself that
you are capable!

Your Coaches

Hey! We are Stefanie and Jasmine, fitsisters on a mission!
We help people who take care of everyone else, take care of themselves through fitness, nutrition and mindset coaching! We are passionate about pulling out your potential, so you live and shine brightly.
We truly believe that YOU are more capable than you think!

Stefanie Hitchborn

Stefanie has been active all her life, trying every sport she could get her hands on. After having her first baby, she started teaching bootcamp classes as a means of earning a bit of income on the side. This led to teaching aquafit and then to CrossFit. The passion grew and she became a co-owner of a CrossFit gym. In the gym she found that people’s lives were being changed by effective workouts, amazing community and refined mindsets. Now she wants to share this experience beyond the walls of the gym to anyone, anywhere online.

Jasmine Dolotov

Jasmine has grown up passionate about health and fitness. Since the age of 6, following along with her mom’s aerobic videos she has found great joy in fitness and sharing it with others. Her education is in Exercise Science and is certified as a personal trainer, group fitness and boot camp instructor. Over the past twenty years, she has volunteered in roles such as youth leader, camp counselor, community activity coordinator and been a mentor to several young women. She sees the struggle many live with and desires to come alongside, encourage, speak value, and equip others to recognize their potential and live their destiny.

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Resilience & Expectation

Stay In The Game For the Long Haul

We are not expected to thrive all the time, but we do need to continue to show up. Resilience means you are in it for the long haul. Utilize your energy efficiently so you stay in the game and continue to move forward.

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AO1 Fitness Water Challenge

Water Challenge

MOST of us should probably drink MORE water each day to keep our bodies running at optimal performance. So, let’s hydrate and do this one week water challenge together!

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Growth vs Fixed Mindset

Growth vs. Fixed Mindset

chieve more, get stronger, enlarge your skills and enjoy a life of overcoming challenges with a growth mindset, instead of staying stagnant in a fixed mindset. “People in a growth mindset don’t just seek challenge, they thrive on it. The bigger the challenge, the more they stretch.” Carol S. Dweck

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