Gym Partnerships


Elevate your competitive athletes through AO1’s gym partnership program.

As a gym owner, you wear so many hats… And your primary focus needs to
be on running awesome classes and developing your core services.

Let us take care of your competitive athletes! We work alongside your regular class programming, and give them extra homework to target their specific weaknesses. We want to help you elevate your competitive athletes with personalized programming, video feedback, and seamless transition from your classes to their accessory work. 

Functional Fitness Trainers

Often competitive athletes are torn between joining classes and searching for more, through a separate online program. This can be a problem for gym owners as it breeds disunity in the box. By choosing AO1, we keep competitive athletes in classes but offer them the opportunity to make their training more intentional and reach their goals faster. 

You may be thinking that you could offer these athletes personal training and that would benefit your gym more financially. That’s true and there is definitely a place for face to face personal training to level up a specific skill, in which case we will recommend the athlete to book a PT session with one of your coaches. (In fact you may get more PT skill session requests through this partnership than before). However these athletes will benefit enormously from having an ongoing coach guiding them specifically on their competitive journey as well.

Package Options


  • 1 specialty


  • 2 specialties


  • 3 specialties


  1. Olympic Lifting
  2. Gymnastics
  3. Mobility & Accessory

How does the partnership work?

AO1 will take care of:

  1. Giving the athlete their specific stimulus, weights and variations to maximize the effectiveness of the gym’s class WOD.
  2. Programming additional training sessions according to the specialty(ies) that the athlete chooses. 
  3. Providing the athlete a TrainHeroic account.
  4. Checking in on the athlete’s results and feedback through TrainHeroic twice a week.
  5. Providing video feedback of the athlete’s lifts and skills.
  6. Paying the gym owner 20% of your athlete’s memberships.

All you have to do is:

  1. Provide AO1 access to your class programming as well as your athlete’s past PRs and benchmarks.
  2. Provide your athlete the opportunity to do extra training in the gym outside of classes.
  3. Put a link on your website offering this service in partnership with AO1.
  4. Post on social media about the service once a month (We will provide
    the picture and text for you so all you have to do is hit post).