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fitness is the best training tool

to strengthen your mindset so you become strong for LIFE.

AO1 Fitness


Train with us for fitness programs that are efficient, effective & accessible to everyone regardless of schedule, location, finances, abilities, and equipment.

AO1 Mindset


Having an “Audience of One” focus shifts our eyes and fears away from external pressure but illuminates the reason we live, fight and train hard to become the best version of ourselves.


We are stronger united as a team. We learn and grow together, as well as keep each other on the course. We are a tribe who values authenticity, honesty and encouragement.

YOUR Functional Fitness COACHES

FitSister's Stef & Jas

Hey! We are Stef and Jas, #fitsisters on a mission!
Let us help you regain your health, vitality, and strength through functional fitness, nutrition, and mindset coaching!

As busy moms, we know life can get busy and it’s easy to put your health on the bottom of the to-do list.  We specialize in helping you become strong and healthy through simple, actionable steps so you can live optimally.

Train from the comfort of your home!  We’ve combined the convenience of online (mobile-friendly) training with the customization of a personal trainer coaching you every step of the way.

You are more capable than you think!


Stefanie has been active all her life, trying every sport she could get her hands on. After having her first baby, she started teaching bootcamp classes as a means of earning a bit of income on the side. This led to teaching aquafit and then to CrossFit. The passion grew and she became a co-owner of a CrossFit gym. In the gym she found that people’s lives were being changed by effective workouts, amazing community and refined mindsets. Now she wants to share this experience beyond the walls of the gym to anyone, anywhere online.


With over 20 years of experience, Jasmine has been coaching, personal training and helping people discover the joy of fitness and how strong and capable they truly are.

Her education is in Exercise Science and is certified as a personal trainer, group fitness instructor and nutrition coach.

On the weekend, you can find her hiking or running through the trails of beautiful Vancouver, BC with her husband and two boys.

kind words from our devoted clients

I'm much stronger than I was physically, especially my legs. I definitely would not have pushed myself that hard without outside motivation and accountability. Their coaching helped me do my part to get through some pretty difficult seasons this year, including how I choose to see my circumstances.


Now I’m not getting injured as often, old injuries aren’t acting up as much, I’ve lost a tonne of weight, my HbA1c has come down along with my blood pressure, the outside isn’t as scary as it used to be, and the “Bug” to “Windshield” ratio is also improving.