What does Audience of One really mean?

Having an “Audience of One” focus shifts our eyes and fears away from external pressure but illuminates the reason we live, fight and train hard to achieve the destiny within us.

Too often we are performing for an audience without even realizing it. Performance expectations are exaggerated in the world of sport and fitness, but they exist in almost every area of life. These self-imposed expectations of what ‘they’ must think generate so much fear and anxiety in our hearts. Sometimes we buy into the lie that we’re just not good enough. Other times we taste success, but then feel so trapped and stressed to maintain that success, that our value gets mixed in with our performance.

At AO1 it is our mission to remove these lies, these rocks in your soul, that are holding you back. To release you to be the kick-butt ninja you always were, by honouring your true identity and reminding you that you only have an audience of one. Everyone else is just an onlooker. When this truth actually takes root, you will allow yourself to be vulnerable and be brave enough to give a FULL effort and see what you’re made of.

Our programs are designed to take you on a mindset journey to first envision your dreams and then break your goals into bite-size accomplishments so you can live out your full potential. Begin with our signature course: Foundations. It will only take you 30 days.