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Healthy Strategies for Eating Out

We all love to eat out occasionally.  It’s fun, social, great to try new things, and best of all . . . no dishes!! Although, we recommend meal prepping and cooking at home when possible, here are some great strategies to eat healthy when you do go out for a bite. 1. NEVER ARRIVE STARVING…
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Quick & Easy Breakfast Ideas:

Starting your day off with a healthy, satisfying meal can set the course and fuel you to a great start to your day. Let’s be honest… most of us WANT to have a nice, peaceful morning routine and have a well-prepared breakfast. Reality is. . . sleeping through our alarms and racing to get out the door! Unfortunately, a lot of people skip breakfast because they don’t feel they have time or they run out of ideas and grab something quick, but unhealthy. I have found having a go-to-list of easy, quick and satisfying (high protein) meals can be very helpful!