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You Are More Capable Than You Think

Healthy Strategies for Eating Out

We all love to eat out occasionally.  It’s fun, social, great to try new things, and best of all . . . no dishes!! Although, we recommend meal prepping and cooking at home when possible, here are some great strategies to eat healthy when you do go out for a bite. 1. NEVER ARRIVE STARVING…
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Quick & Easy Breakfast Ideas:

Starting your day off with a healthy, satisfying meal can set the course and fuel you to a great start to your day. Let’s be honest… most of us WANT to have a nice, peaceful morning routine and have a well-prepared breakfast. Reality is. . . sleeping through our alarms and racing to get out the door! Unfortunately, a lot of people skip breakfast because they don’t feel they have time or they run out of ideas and grab something quick, but unhealthy. I have found having a go-to-list of easy, quick and satisfying (high protein) meals can be very helpful!