Quick & Easy Breakfast Ideas:

Quick & Easy Breakfast Ideas:

Starting your day off with a healthy, satisfying meal can set the course and fuel you to a great start to your day.  Let’s be honest… most of us WANT to have a nice, peaceful morning routine and have a well-prepared breakfast. Reality is. . . sleeping through our alarms and racing to get out the door!  Unfortunately, a lot of people skip breakfast because they don’t feel they have time or they run out of ideas and grab something quick, but unhealthy. I have found having a go-to-list of easy, quick and satisfying (high protein) meals can be very helpful!

Here’s a short list of my quick high protein breakfast ideas:

-EGGS… any style! You can also pre-boil several once a week and keep them in the fridge to grab quickly in the morning

-‘LARABARS’. . . not the cheapest option, but very quick. Increase the protein by smothering it with nut butter.  I haven’t attempted this myself, but I’ve heard you can make them pretty easy too and freeze them!

-NUT BUTTER. . . on that note, I smother anything with nut butter to add extra protein and a gooey delicious taste! (bananas, apples, sprouted grain toast, even your oatmeal!)

-ENERGY BALLS. . .premake and freeze for a quick grab

-SMOOTHIES. . .  pack it with berries, nuts, hemp seeds, chia seeds, flax seeds, any kind of greens, avocado, top with coconut water or unsweetened almond milk

-SMOOTHIE BOWL. . . same as above but you can put it in a base of yogurt… choose unsweetened greek or coconut yogurt… watch out for and avoid any added sugars

-STEEL CUT OATMEAL. . . pre-make the night before and just heat it up.  Oatmeal is very high in carbohydrates, so to balance it out you need to add a lot to it (nuts, pumpkin or sunflower seeds, hemp, chia and flax seeds, almond milk or yogurt. Berries are also great… just make sure you add a lot of protein to balance our the metabolization of blood sugars)

This is my go-to list for quick, healthy, high protein breakfasts for our family.  What would you add to the list? Share below! I’d love to hear other ideas!

~Jasmine from AO1


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