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Coconut Spinach Butterless Chicken (dairy free)

Coconut Spinach Butter-less Chicken Recipe

“Honesty is the best policyand spinach is the best vegetable.” Popeye the sailor man Spinach is loaded with vital nutrients and minerals that our body needs to thrive (Vit K, C, Magnesium, Iron, Folate… to name a few). It’s high in fibre, an anti-inflammatory, immune booster and helps our skin glow. The benefits are numerous!…
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Protein Rich Tuna Cake Recipe

Recipe: Tuna Cakes

Need a protein snack or lunch in a pinch? Try these delicious pan fried tuna patties. Serving: 7-9 patties Ingredients: 2 cans(133g) of tuna drained  2 eggs ¼ lemon squeezed 7 Tbsp gluten free crackers, ground up Salt, pepper, garlic powder, herbs to season Directions: Beat eggs and lemon juice in a bowl; stir in…
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Tips for healthy meals


Creating healthy meals shouldn’t be expensive, time-consuming, or stressful. Here are our 5 top tips to creating stress-free healthy meals every day.

AO1 Fitness Water Challenge

Water Challenge

MOST of us should probably drink MORE water each day to keep our bodies running at optimal performance. So, let’s hydrate and do this one week water challenge together!

learning about Microgreens

Learning about Microgreens with Food on the Grow

Microgreens are incredible nutrient-dense, superfoods. Some studies show they are up to 40% more nutritious than their regular vegetable counterparts (ie. a broccoli sprout microgreen is 40% more nutritious than a regular stalk of organic broccoli). Amazing! In this episode our guest shares her story of discovering microgreens while recovering from a concussion. She’ll share how you can easily incorporate them into your meals, lifestyle and give you the recipe to her famous smoothie recipe.

Foundations of Health

Foundations of Health

In this video, we empower you with easy, practical tips to help boost your overall health and immune system. These are habits and practices we should incorporate into our lifestyle all the time.

Healthy Strategies for Eating Out

We all love to eat out occasionally.  It’s fun, social, great to try new things, and best of all . . . no dishes!! Although, we recommend meal prepping and cooking at home when possible, here are some great strategies to eat healthy when you do go out for a bite. 1. NEVER ARRIVE STARVING…
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Quick & Easy Breakfast Ideas:

Starting your day off with a healthy, satisfying meal can set the course and fuel you to a great start to your day. Let’s be honest… most of us WANT to have a nice, peaceful morning routine and have a well-prepared breakfast. Reality is. . . sleeping through our alarms and racing to get out the door! Unfortunately, a lot of people skip breakfast because they don’t feel they have time or they run out of ideas and grab something quick, but unhealthy. I have found having a go-to-list of easy, quick and satisfying (high protein) meals can be very helpful!