Foundations of Health

Foundations of Health

Foundations of Health

Currently we are in a season of social distancing, lock-down, and/or quarantine due to the Corona Virus (Covid-19). At the time of writing this, there is no cure yet. This has brought a lot of fear and panic to many people.

While we can’t change what is happening in our world, worrying about the unknowns and “what ifs” does not help anyone. Stay informed and aware, but don’t dwell on what you do not have control over.

In this video we encourage you to focus on what you DO have control over. We empower you with easy, practical tips to help boost your overall health and immune system. These are habits and practices we should incorporate into our lifestyle all the time. While they are NOT specific to any virus (no claims here!), they WILL help us better prepare our body, mind and emotions to handle negative situations as they arise.

Join our AO1 Conversation by leaving a comment. We are not experts and value your input as well. Please share any additional immune boosting tips that you use for your family. The tips in this video are ones that we incorporate with our own families to stay as healthy as possible 🙂

What healthy habit can you incorporate today? In what areas of health do you feel you are doing well in? In which areas are you going to strive to improve?

Video on foundations of health and ways to improve our immune system


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