Stay In The Game For the Long Haul

Stay In The Game For the Long Haul

Resilience & Expectation

Does resilience mean you have to thrive in every season?  Let’s be real, we are all in a super tough season right now.  Times like these are where we see what is really inside of us.  Be honest, when you are squeezed, what comes out? Is it grit, grace, patience, perseverance, and resilience? Or is it something you’re not proud of?

I recently listened to an interview with Matthew McConaughey and I loved what he had to say about resilience.  We are not expected to thrive all the time; however, we do need to continue to show up.  Resilience means you are in it for the long haul.  The classic example is the Tortoise and the Hare. Don’t run out of steam before the race is finished. Utilize your energy efficiently so that you stay in the game and continue to move forward.  (For ways to improve your natural energy levels, check out our two-part podcast series on Energy).

Have you benched yourself, or are you staying in the game?  Will you continue to show up for yourself? For your family? Your dreams? Your passions? 
Stand up and take a step forward.  You don’t need to run, just take a step in the direction you need to continue in.

Let us know in the comments below who and/or what are you continuing to show up for?

Next, let’s chat about expectations and how we can get ‘anticipation fatigue.”

How do You Deal with Expectations?

Let’s take a specific example that I think we can all relate to.  What is your expectation for when Covid will be “over”?  Is it by January 1, 2021? Have you conserved enough energy to ‘get through’ this difficult season to make it to that date?  What if it’s not over then? What if it goes on for several more years?  This is when ‘anticipation fatigue’ can set in and our energy levels will run into serious trouble.  Buckle down for the long haul and if the season ends sooner, you’ll feel relieved and have extra in your energy bank account left. 

No expectations = lack of direction/motivation, but too high or specific expectations can equal real discouragement.

What has worked for you in the past? How are you utilizing your energy efficiently for your expectations? Let us know below.

Train To Be Strong

How do you prepare for seasons of challenge, hardship, and drought? You TRAIN.

We use fitness programming to challenge not only our bodies to become stronger, but also our MINDSET. When our belief system, thought process, and mindset is sharpened and strengthened through purposeful training, we will be READY for any season that comes. If you’ve had the experience from fitness programming in the gym (or living room!) where you encountered challenges that required you to buckle down, dig deep , and push through to overcome, THEN you will pull from those moments to overcome all future challenges.

Fitness training is not only great for your heart health, energy levels, weight management and immune system, it’s also the best way to strengthen your inner being to be strong for life.

Not sure how to get started? Let us help you! We have small group training classes all online. You get personalized coaching in the comfort of your home within a community who values you, your experiences and your goals. Send us a message (info@ao1fitness.com) or check out more details here: https://ao1.teachable.com/p/thrive/