Steps to Achieve Your Dreams

Steps to Achieve Your Dreams

Dream Goal

Do you have big dreams? Do those dreams feel lofty, unattainable, and you are not sure where to start to accomplish them? Would a roadmap to success be helpful if it could be tailored to you and broken down into bite-size steps? What is a goal? How can you realistically achieve a goal?

In simplest terms, a goal is an objective… it’s something you want to achieve.  To achieve them, this is what I do. . .

1 I like to start big with a Dream Sized Goal.  This is usually something that feels unattainable and beyond my reach… I categorize this into a “long-term goal”.

2 Then I simply write out 3 large, but more realistic goals (or STEPS) that I would need to achieve in order to reach my dream goal. These are a series of “short-term goals

3 Lastly, these 3 shorter term goals need to be broken down into achievable action steps.  The actions are things that I CAN do, and if I do them CONSISTENTLY they should help me yield a short term goal.  By working my way up this ladder, eventually, I DO accomplish my dream goal.

Here’s a personal example:

My DREAM was to run a half-marathon in Disneyland… but I had never been a very good runner, so it felt impossible. Running 13.1 miles/21 Km at one time felt beyond impossible!  I was a leisurely, social and ‘take in the scenery’, type of JOGGER… not a dedicated runner!  AND although Disneyland is the happiest place on earth…it’s also very HOT!  The temperature would definitely affect my ability to run as well. 

This dream goal was inspiring enough for me to create a PLAN and WORK TOWARDS it, STEP BY STEP.  I gave myself plenty of time and committed to a goal centred fitness training and nutrition program. Accountability was essential, so I told enough people about my goal so that I couldn’t back down.  I chose 2 people to sign my goal sheet and to check in with me weekly.  I found a group to run with once a week that I was committed to and trained the rest of the week alone to fit into my schedule.

Here was an overview/breakdown of my goal sheet:

Goal A: Condition my body to run

Step 1: Warm Up, Jog/Run 3x a week consistently for one month

Step 2: Condition the muscles I will use for running through strength training 2x/week

Step 3: Create and eat a balanced, nutritious diet throughout training

Goal B: Run a local 10Km race

Step 1: Follow a 12-week gradual running training program to build up from 3km to 10km

Step 2: Continue Strength training and incorporate hill and speed work into training

Step 3: Continue nutritional program

Goal C: Run a local half-marathon in 2hrs

Step 1: Build off the 12-week 10km training program and continue another 8weeks building up to 21km

Step 2: Continue strength, hill and speed work into training

Step 3: Continue nutritional program with modifications for extra carbs needed before long runs and extra protein needed after longer runs and harder conditioning days.

Dream Goal: Run the Disneyland Half Marathon in 1hr 45min

Step 1: Rest from Local Half Marathon with very light training for 2 weeks

Step 2: Resume training with a focus on accelerating speed for 4 weeks

Step 3: Incorporate training in higher heat situations to prepare for California weather

Step 4: Get a Disney Inspired Costumed & Run your dream race!!

This was an overview of my goal sheet.  Within each step, I had a calendar with my specific training programs.  By writing this down, organizing it into a calendar and having others keep me accountable, I was able to achieve a Dream that initially felt impossible to accomplish. You can do this as well. What would you love to accomplish?


Tell us your dream goals!  What are your plans to accomplish them? Also, if you ran in a Disney race, what costume would you wear?

If you are not sure where to begin, we’ve got you covered! Here is a free guide and easy to use worksheet to break down your biggest goals and dreams into realistic steps, with built-in plans, timeline, and accountability. Fill out the short form below so we know where to send your guide and worksheet to.

If you ran a Disney Race, what costume would you wear?


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