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The story of AO1

This is why we use Fitness to train our mindset to be strong

Discover why fitness will train your mindset to be strong for life. In this episode of AO1 Conversations we take you back to the beginning of our story, share our mission at ao1fitness.com, and where we are headed.

Workout 2minx5rounds

WORKOUT: 2minx5rounds

You can do this! Anybody can workout for 2 minute rounds.
You don’t even need any equipment. We give you a dumbbell option and a no equipment option.

Full Body Workout Video


AO1 is sharing free live workouts to give back in this season of social distancing. Stay Home | Stay Safe | Stay Active. Today’s workout is a 9 minute AMRAP (as many rounds as possible). Record your score in the comments! Your score is how many rounds you did + the additional reps you completed…
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Pyramids of Progress Our goal is a lifetime of health. We are striving for the long game. A short term success with long term detrimental effects is not a success. The recipe is Form – Competence – Next Level. Start with Form. Take your time here. Make sure you can meet all the points of…
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Scaling is not Failing

Scaling, modifying, adapting… these can all feel like negative words. But why? I hope by the end of this article, you’ll agree that the lack of scaling, modifying and adapting are really the failures. Often we can think of fitness in a narrow way. For example, a pushup must be from the toes. When an…
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