WORKOUT: 2minx5rounds

WORKOUT: 2minx5rounds

Workout 2minx5rounds

You can do this! Anybody can workout for 2 minute rounds.
You don’t even need any equipment. We give you a dumbbell option and a no equipment option.

Here’s the workout write it down:
5x 2:00min
100 Jumping Jacks
Max reps Power Clean in remaining time (or Burpees)
60 sec rest

Do your jumping jacks as fast as you can. Whatever time remains in the 2minutes, get as many power cleans or burpees in as possible. The number of power cleans or burpees over all 5 rounds is your score.

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How many power cleans or burpees did you do? Let us know in the comments

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Workout of 2min rounds


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