10 Components of Fitness

10 Components of Fitness

  1. Endurance: The capacity of the cardiovascular and respiratory system.
  2. Stamina: How well the body utilizes energy. It involves muscular endurance as well as the speed of recovery.
  3. Strength: The capacity to withstand great force or pressure.
  4. Flexibility: The range of motion around a joint.
  5. Power: Doing more work, faster. Work = force x distance. Power = work/time.
  6. Speed: The measurement of distance divided by time. Go fast!
  7. Co-ordination: Engaging multiple muscle groups to work together for a purpose.
  8. Agility: Quick and efficient bodily movement and reaction.
  9. Balance: Control of the body in space. Balancing forces around the centre of mass.
  10. Accuracy: Reaching a target. Achieving a measured result.

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