Who’s Tired?

Who’s Tired?

Mindset Reset Needed

Who here is tired? 

Share below in the comments what is making you tired?  Overworked? Busy? Young kids? My hand is up alongside yours!  … Currently, I’m 32 weeks pregnant and struggling with some prenatal complications, all the while caring for a toddler at home, working part-time and excited about creating a new business.  I understand being tired, not feeling motivated, and sometimes resort to just coasting through the day.  I get why it’s not easy to exercise and how much easier it is to go through a drive-through for a mouth-watering juicy burger instead of making a grilled chicken salad at home.  I get how satisfying a piece of cheesecake is after a long day.  I get it and I struggle daily with it. You may too.

We KNOW exercise is good for us and we likely know that exercising regularly can help with fatigue.  It’s on our to-do-list, but not today because we are too tired.  Many of us believe motivation will come to us if we wait long enough. Someday, we’ll wake up and finally feel energized and want to exercise. The reality is that motivation doesn’t come without a personal invitation: it is something we can create for ourselves.

Most of us need a MINDSET RESET to achieve this motivation.  As fitness trainers, we know creating an effective and efficient program will only work if our tribe sticks with it.  It’s essential that we address the health of our mindset in order to see longevity, results and ultimately see our tribe living up to their full potential.

Curious to know if you need a mindset reset? 
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What does a healthy mindset look like which delivers the motivation, strength and courage to live out your full potential?
At Audience of One Fitness (AO1) we have 4 tenants of a healthy mindset.


When our focus is narrowed, our power output to potential becomes free and unhindered.  What does this mean?  When I’m not living according to other’s expectations and I am free from baggage, clutter and distractions I can bring strength and focus to what truly matters.  This will start with discovering our “why”.  Why or who are we living for?  What is our true motivation?  Put the clutter in a box and make space to prioritize your true motivation.  We then prioritize everything to reflect that focus.  I no longer coast through my day, but purposefully move towards my destiny.


There never has been and never will be you.  Your DNA is one of a kind.  We want you to know and believe that the world needs you! When you know deeply that you are valued, a freedom comes where you don’t need to prove it by living up to anyone else’s expectations. 


A healthy mindset means we crave a challenge. We want to work hard; because we know through trial and difficulty we will yield the best results.  A healthy mindset also knows that, to truly have the strength to overcome daily challenges in life, we need to train. Challenging but controlled workouts will empower you and prove to yourself that you are a champion who can take on anything in life. . . in and outside of the gym.


Community is imperative for success. A true community won’t let you stay in an unhealthy mindset.  When you strive for the very best, it inspires and gives permission for others in our community to be vulnerable and give their all to find out what they are capable of. We are stronger united as a team. We learn and grow together, as well as keep each other on the course. We are a tribe who values authenticity, honesty and encouragement. 

Are these four elements present in your life?  Do you have what it takes to live life to the full or do you need a MINDSET RESET?

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