AO1 Program Overview

AO1 Program Overview

Any great structure starts with a solid foundation.

Your fitness and mindset are no different


  • The course is 4 weeks long.
  • Exercise technique taught in detail
  • Lectures on the philosophy behind the program
  • Teaching and homework to guide you to develop your own strong mindset
  • 3 workouts per week to put what you learn into practice
  • Personal form assessment via video submission

Working out with bad form can be worse than not working out at all. We want to ensure that all of our athletes are getting safe and effective workouts. Therefore everyone starts with our Foundations Course where movements will be broken down in an easy to understand way and drills are given to keep perfecting your movement patterns. Likewise, working out with a negative or self-defeating mindset can be equally detrimental. So right from the start we want to develop a mindset that has an audience of one, knows that you are valued, craves the challenge and that doesn’t do life alone.

Your coaches are available to you throughout the course. If at any point you get stuck or get behind, we’re right there to help you get on track. If the course needs to be extended into two months for you, that is OK. We want each student to take the time they need to process and develop their own strong mindset. We also want each student to feel very confident of their fitness skills before carrying on into the ongoing AO1 Thrive Program.


AO1 ongoing programming involves 3 Workouts & 5 ‘Morning Mindsets’ per week.

  • The workouts have two levels: the Blue Program and the Red Program.
    • The Blue Program is suitable for unconditioned or de-conditioned athletes. In other words, if you are able to move relatively pain-free but haven’t worked out in years, this program is for you.
    • The Red Program is for a more advanced athlete that wants the flexibility to work out at home.
  • Both programs will be listed for all members. Therefore you can put into practice what we teach in the Foundations Course and choose your scaling options.
    • Most people will be between the Blue and the Red program and will be able to mix and match options to suit their specific needs.
    • Your coaches are available to guide you in this process but as you mature as an athlete, you will grow in your confidence to scale your own workouts perfectly.

The 5 Morning Mindsets are short 5min podcasts that we encourage you to listen to first thing in the morning Monday – Friday.

  • There are optional journaling questions to go personally deeper on the topic.
  • They are meant to be a thought for the day. Something to inspire you first thing in the morning and allow you to ponder the thought throughout the day.
  • We encourage all members to post often in our community group so we can encourage each other and celebrate our aha moments together.


We ask that after each workout, athletes post their scores to the community group. This helps you keep yourself accountable and also makes your fitness more measurable and trackable. We will explain more about this in the course. Every 3 months we will do a fitness benchmark assessment. Progress is one of the best motivators.

So, what are you waiting for?
Let’s build that foundation and set out on a path of elite fitness and mindset.

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