What do you need to stay committed to your fitness goals?

What do you need to stay committed to your fitness goals?

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What would you need to get started and stick with your fitness goals?

The majority of people WANT to get healthier and fit.  However, some potential obstacles to starting and achieving this goal are not knowing where to start, not having enough time, or feeling too tired. However, the most common obstacle is you may have tried a fitness program in the past but didn’t stick with it, so you may feel like you will fail once again.

These are all real and legitimate reasons.  We hear you!  At AO1 we believe that fitness should be ACHIEVABLE, EFFECTIVE and ACCESSIBLE to all.  We took all those obstacles in mind when designing our program and community for you.  We want you to succeed and achieve your goals and will be with you each step of the way.

You may not know where to start and that’s ok!  Begin our foundations course and learn the skills, techniques, and progressions for all basic movements. No prior knowledge or experience necessary.  Each exercise will be broken down for you to comfortably learn.  If you are a seasoned athlete you will learn progressions so you never plateau and each movement continues to be effective. Along with fitness skills, you will begin your journey of mindset training to dream and achieve your goals and ambitions.

Whether you have a busy family, a demanding job, or an active social life, we know that your time is limited and very valuable!  Each workout will be efficient and no more than 30-50min.  Being digital, you set your schedule as to what works best!  All workouts can be done with minimal equipment either in your own living room or take it to your neighbourhood community gym if you prefer that atmosphere.  You are in control of the where and when.

Lastly, we know that the majority of well-meaning goals are started, but never completed because of a lack of accountability.  Improving your health is possible, but doing so requires intention, effort, and commitment.  That can be hard, especially if we’re trying to make changes to existing habits—and even tougher if we try to do it alone. We need a community to cheer us on and to speak honestly enough when we need it. We keep each other accountable and achieve success together.  

The word “support” literally means to strengthen one another and increase one another’s potential. 

We help each other believe that each one is more capable than we think.  We speak life, truth, and encouragement to one another.  Sometimes we can’t see our own strengths and need someone else to speak it over us and pull that potential out of us.  On the flip side, sometimes we have blind spots and need someone who truly cares about us and wants us to succeed, to lovingly point that out so we can continue to grow.

We are made to thrive when we’re connected with others in a healthy community with like-minded goals and aspirations.

Do you want to finally gain control of your health and begin a journey of fitness and mindset training so you can achieve your goals and dreams?  Perhaps you are curious to see how some accountability might help you stick with a fitness program?  Next week we will be offering a free taste of our workouts and daily accountability.  This will be a small portion of what our full program and community will offer, but we want you to prove to yourself that you can do it!  Commit one week and show yourself that you are worth your time, energy and capable of completing a week’s worth of exercise.


Review your calendar and schedule for next week. 
Choose 4 days that you will commit to exercising. 
Within those days, mark off an appointment of 30 min for yourself.  Seriously put it into your calendar as an appointment.  Commit to it.

Complete the form below to let us know which 4 days and times you will be exercising.

We will send you four exercise routines to be completed at the times you specified.
Following each session, we will email you to check-in how it went.
Respond back to us so we know you completed it!
You can also send us any questions you might have.

Sound good?  Now go get your calendar and get started =)

We look forward to doing this together with you next week!

~Jas & Stef from AO1FITNESS.COM

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