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Why and how to achieve quality sleep

Health Benefits of Quality Sleep

Are you exercising, eating clean and still gaining weight? As a fitness and nutrition coach, my next two questions are, how is the quality of your sleep and mindset?
Those two factors play a larger role in our health journey than we give credit for.

Tabata Workout

WORKOUT VIDEO: Tabata | 8 rounds

Tabata Workouts are so good at turning up the intensity in a short amount of time!

Get your sweat on in this short, full-body workout that doesn’t even need equipment!

AO1 Program Overview

Any great structure starts with a solid foundation. Your fitness and mindset are no different AO1 BEGINS WITH THE FOUNDATIONS COURSE The course is 4 weeks long. Exercise technique taught in detail Lectures on the philosophy behind the program Teaching and homework to guide you to develop your own strong mindset 3 workouts per week…
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Audience of One Fitness Blog

What do you need to stay committed to your fitness goals?

What would you need to get started and stick with your fitness goals? The majority of people WANT to get healthier and fit.  However, some potential obstacles to starting and achieving this goal are not knowing where to start, not having enough time, or feeling too tired. However, the most common obstacle is you may…
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Who Are Your AO1 Coaches? Part 2

Coach Jasmine’s Story Hi! I’m Jasmine, the first of four sisters.  While Stefanie is the adventurist, no fear, “I can do anything” sister, I am the older, much more timid, responsible, and detail-oriented one. I calculate risks and hesitate greatly with fear.  Stef often came to my rescue as a timid child. As young as…
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Who Are Your AO1 Coaches? Part 1

Coach Stefanie’s Story Hats off to anyone who has ever written a full auto-biography! Just sitting down to type out what we hope will give you readers an accurate picture of who we are, makes our heads spin enough. It’s easy in this ‘insta-life’ to show our powder coated lives but we’ve also seen the…
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