How To Make (or break) a Habit

How To Make (or break) a Habit

How to make (or break) habits

In today’s episode of AO1 Conversations we’re talking all things HABITS!
Habits are within your power to make or break and we’re going to show you how to do it simply and easily.

What action or habit would make the greatest positive change in your health? Why haven’t you done it? What has stopped you from implementing it?
For most people, they start out with lots of motivation and gusto. Life, challenges, tiredness, business, etc creep in and soon the positive actions that could have led to healthy long-term habits stop.

Want to finally create the habit of exercising consistently? Want to stop the unhealthy habit of snacking on chips?

We need to utilize the time we are most motivated (at the beginning) to set ourselves up for success long-term. With a few clarifying questions and tips you can establish healthy habits that will serve you for a lifetime.

You are more capable than you think!

Let us know what habit you are implementing (or breaking) at this time! What have you tried that worked for you?


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