Growth vs. Fixed Mindset

Growth vs. Fixed Mindset

Growth vs Fixed Mindset

Achieve more, get stronger, enlarge your skills and enjoy a life of overcoming challenges with a growth mindset, instead of staying stagnant in a fixed mindset. Our priority at AO1 is to strengthen our mindset through fitness training, so we become strong for LIFE.

Athletes know that it’s what happens between your ears that matters. In sports, successful athletes are constantly seeking challenges because they have a growth mindset, to the point where they can often do the seemingly impossible.

“People in a growth mindset don’t just seek challenge, they thrive on it. The bigger the challenge, the more they stretch.” Carol S. Dweck

But even more important than a sporting event are obstacles, challenges, and opportunities for growth in LIFE. How you approach the situation often can determine the outcome. If you look at it with a limited belief and go no further, nothing can be accomplished. But if you believe that you are capable of giving maximum effort, push past your comfort zone, then the possibilities are endless.

“The moment that we believe that success is determined by an ingrained level of ability, we will be brittle in the face of adversity” (~Josh Waitzkin – Chess Grandmaster and Martial Artist)

?️ Join us in this episode of AO1 Conversations to discuss how you can approach life with a growth mindset

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