How to THRIVE during Quarantine

How to THRIVE during Quarantine

How to thrive during quarantine

Most of us are not yet in full “quarantine” here in Canada (at the time of this video), but let’s chat about how to make the best of the current situation each of us are in. Some people are able to work from home and maintain social distancing during the pandemic. Whereas others are essential service and/or health care workers who continue to go to their jobs. THANK YOU to those of you who are in the later category! We recognize the sacrifices you make and the risks you take for serving our community. Thank you!

Wherever we are at, we get to CHOOSE how we will respond. When the world is full of unknowns, we have control over our attitude and our outlook.

Let’s choose to THRIVE, whatever the circumstance may be.

In this video discussion, Jas & Stef chat about creative ways we can live life to the full. . . in or out of our house.

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“You are more capable than you think!”

AO1 Conversations episode about thriving even during quarantine


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